Online Update Nominee by camsonline/Online feature to declare nominee

Use this online feature to declare nominee(s) or to opt-out nomination for your Mutual Fund folio(s) through OTP / e-Sign based authentication process.

Please note, presently this online service is enabled for MF folios with Tax Status – Resident Individuals and Mode of Holding – Single.

1. Click this Link
2. Enter Your Pan Number.
3. Select Mutual Fund(s)
Note: Currently Folios with only Single mode of holding are allowed for nominee update. Option to choose the folios in the funds where nominee details are to be updated/modified will be displayed in the next page.

4.How do you want to receive OTP? Select Email or Mobile.
5. Choose request type
1.Add new nominee 2. Change / Update existing nominee 3.Nomination opt-out (I do not want to nominate)
Please note that only folios where the given PAN exists as Sole/First Holder in the respective mutual fund folio(s) will be displayed.
6. Enter Your Nominee Details and Click proceed.
7. Click Submit and after click proceed OTP .
8. Enter OTP and Your nominee details are updated successfully.

Step by step image attached for your reference.




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